Simon Crettol - Raphaël

In this show, Simon joins two worlds that inhabit him: his magical thoughts and pop culture that helps him stay connected to the world.

Ella Soto’s music, composed for the show refers to pop song lyrics that for Simon speak of the magic that vibrates within him.

He goes through the show facing solitude, sometimes beneficial, sometimes painful, and even unbearable. The figures he embodies, his body, his dance, they all become both plural and singular at the same time. Oppositions disappear.

In this show, Simon offers the audience a rare gift, that of being a bridge: between the human and the role, between alternative and popular culture, between “him” and “her”, between heaven and earth. He shares with us his innermost conviction that in-betweens are whole and do not need to be completed. His dance connects in every direction and in one very specific direction at the same time: that of liberty.



Samstag 17.August 23.00

Die Theaterquarantäne ist eine freie Theatergruppe aus dem Raum Darmstadt die seit 15 Jahren besteht. Durch unterschiedliche Projekte konnten bereits viele Besucher über der ganzen Welt die Kraft der Gruppe fühlen.