Clipa Theater / Tel Aviv / Neither soft nor light

My creation stems out of my biography. It may derive from my religious education or the fact that I served in the army as a combat soldier, and it may simply be that I grew up in a family of 11 children and therefore I keep choosing to stand in the opposition. I am constantly drawn to the winding paths and the unpaved roads. I turn to the dance with a prayer to heal by it, to shake out old pains, to create a new context for my being and to exercise my freedom and spread the faith.

In this piece I try to make a transformation for my own biography, and try to change it from personal to mythology, from private story to a document that give a testimony about the social texture in Israel of 2016. I choose few episodes from my life- the big size family, the relations with my father, the relations with my mother, straggle about choose a profession, and my period as a sperm- donator in Jerusalem, and process it to a physical document, It was important to me to create a hole that is bigger than all his parts.

Dror Liberman is a young Israeli contemporary dance choreographer and performer, and an active member of the Clipa visual theater collective. He finished his studies at the Haifa Contemporary Dance School in 2013. Since then, as a freelancer he has cooperated with many different artists and dance companies, and as an independent choreographer he has developed own choreographic works as well. The core topic of his interest is based on exploring the “Cultural Terrorism” as a diffrent ways that art can function in nowadays world. His works demonstrate a wide scale of skills and abilities. It is hard to relate to his works to one style or to one specific genre, as he strives to create a new language in every piece of his.


from the critics:

"It is rare to meet such a young fresh talent, making a sincere statement of his own"

-Ruth Eshel “Haaretz”-

"An Interesting, personal and remarkably unique piece"

-Ora Brafman, “Dancetalk”-

"The result is amazing, penetrating as an X-ray. Unforgettable"

-Zvi Goren “Habama”-


"The piece's power lies in Liberman's plastic sensitivity. A wondrous innate sensitivity that can't be faked. In those moments, when the movement and speech find the precise tool for the pain, [...] it is so hard not to look into it and to dive into his story, out of breath"

 -Anat Zcharia, Yediot Ahronot-

Die Theaterquarantäne ist eine freie Theatergruppe aus dem Raum Darmstadt die seit mehr als 20 Jahren besteht. Wir unterstützen junge Talente aus dem Bereichen der bildenden und darstellenden Kunst.