Shannon Mulvey - Curated Pleasure

'Be ready to have your understanding obliterated, your desire recognised, your power fortified. Enter our spectral world of intersectional feminist witch BDSM pleasure. You'll never be the same again. Come and join our coven of womxn as we activate your senses and collectively destruct the patriarchy. Our coven explosively tests the boundaries of our unquestioned heteronormative society whilst observing 'the personal is political'.  Prepare to embrace the flow of the feminine and your sensuality. Leave your ego at the door and you'll be left begging for more. A riotous exultation to the deities who give us the strength to become warriors.’ 




Donnerstag 22.August 24.00

Freitag 23.August 24.00


Die Theaterquarantäne ist eine freie Theatergruppe aus dem Raum Darmstadt die seit 15 Jahren besteht. Durch unterschiedliche Projekte konnten bereits viele Besucher über der ganzen Welt die Kraft der Gruppe fühlen.