Dudu Quintanilha - Lunatic

Lunatic is a work performed by Dudu Quintanilha and Rickey Belloit, who got together to develop a performative procession, with the collaboration of musician and performer Tomás de Souza and the performer, dramaturge and choreographer Carolina Mendonça. Starting with a techno and house music playlist, a wrong party is performed. Dancing, singing on top of lyrics and announcing repeatedly to each other this wrong party, being delicately humorous about the idea of following and directing each other. Lunatic is a composition that reveals activity in the performers bodies and in the space around, thinking and feeling through motion. This idea of constant motion that they use to develop the work is also the basis to think of appropriation, masculinity and care, stepping aside of theory. 

The images of wetting their bodies from a re filled can, helping each other to do so, to try to contain water in their hands that becomes a pot, feels like a childish blessing. Empty cans are displayed and re arranged in the space creating a landscape where they gather around to listen to the sound of a far away place. Cans become an object that transitions not only in the space but also in uses and meanings. A camera moving around creates a tension to what is to be seen. The microphone and their voices exhaust the word Sorry, imitate marines or sing romantic reggae songs. Lunatic are ideas performed through the complicated way of doing through the other.


“We came to the wrong party

The party is wrong

We are celebrating wrong

The celebration is wrong

We have to be with the wrong

Everybody knows is wrong”


Direction Dudu Quintanilha. Performance Dudu Quintanilha and Ricky Bellot. Music and Trompet Tomás de Souza. Dramaturgy Carolina Mendonça.



Freitag 23.August 22.00

Die Theaterquarantäne ist eine freie Theatergruppe aus dem Raum Darmstadt die seit 15 Jahren besteht. Durch unterschiedliche Projekte konnten bereits viele Besucher über der ganzen Welt die Kraft der Gruppe fühlen.