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    Gemima sax (Donnerstag, 01 Juni 2023 20:14)

    Gemima Mbuyi Tshimanga

    Saxophonist, Composer and Performer

    Gemima is a sax player and composer from the Democratic Republic of Congo, She studied music at the National Institute for Arts in Kinshasa, DRC where she played in the Institute's Chamber Orchestra. The inspiration for her music comes from nature. the daily lives of people and social issues. Gemima's musical language combines traditional styles, such as Mutuasi, and contemporary genres including Jazz and other popular styles. Some of her musical influences include Manu Dibangu, Dav-Koz

    Georges Duke and Candy Dulfer.

    Since studying she has gone on to lead her own ensemble; Gemima Band performing a range of styles, with influences from the African subcontinent and beyond. The band have gathered a significant following amongst Congolese and European audiences, but increasingly in the UK too. Her band has toured to Belgium, Paris. Senegal and Portugal. In addition to her commercial work, she has also done many charity gigs benefitting children who have been abandoned. Since coming to the UK, she has collaborated with the Manchester International Roots Orchestra and Amani Creatives and is keen for her music to be heard and to make new cultural and artist connections.

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