Maia Chanvin + Reka Deak / Prag / perfumed Garden  

Brief: Sensual and Object Theatre Performance for adults. Adaptation of a fifteenth-century Al-Nafzawi’s poetic erotic book “The Perfumed Garden”. A universal human experience in language of visual metaphors, storytelling, live music and shadow acts.


Dramaturge: Jakub Maksymov


Performers: Maia Chanvin, Reka Deak 


Where it was performed before?

Flying Freedom Festival, Sep. 2015, Prague, Czech Republic. Festival of poetry, Nov. 2015, Náchod, Czech Republic.

Art Space, Prague, April 2016.

Flying Freedom Festival Portugal, May 2016.

Open Day for Freedom, Petrohradska Kolektiv, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2016.

Flying Freedom Festival, Romania, August 2016.

Kuks festival, Czech Republic, August 2016.